A Nice Story

Some times it's nice to have the chance to do a good deed - and some times it's nice just to share the story. 

This is one of those times.

...I finally had a day to do some personal things I’d been needing to do.  At least that’s what I had planned.  I was out running errands and on my way back home, I received a call from a desperate mom who was traveling to Albany with a group of people.  They were headed to Siena College for the Summer Special Olympics.  Unfortunately, their bus broke down on the thruway.  The bus company didn’t have or couldn’t get a replacement bus to them in time to get them to their destination for the opening ceremonies.  After talking to their chaperones I said my personal projects will wait for another day.  After hearing their story, I couldn’t turn my back on them.  So I went home, fired up the bus, did a quick interior cleaning and set out to rescue them from the heat of the thruway.  When I got to them they were all off the bus sitting in the grass off the shoulder of the Thruway, hot, sweaty and agitated.  Pulling up you could hear the cheers.  On command from their chaperons they headed straight for the bus, especially since I had the A/C cranking.  They boarded the bus and were cheering and thankful that they were now cooling down and on the way to their ceremony and games.  The ride was about 2 1/2 hours.  Lots of chatter, some had head phones on while others rested.  I decided to put some dance music in the CD player and boy did they all come alive!  I cranked the music up and they were dancing in their seats.  We made one bathroom stop and made it to Siena with a little time to spare.  I got them to their dorms and after taking a group picture they deemed me their personal hero with hugs and high fives.  One athlete asked me to lower my head and I thought she was going to give me a kiss on my cheek.  Instead, she reached into her purse and pulled out her gold metal from last year, put it over my head and told me I was her hero. How lucky I was to meet those beautiful kids and play a role in their happiness!  I’m so blessed to have been there at that moment.