Posted 10/8/18 on Facebook - Frank’s Franks Tours

It is with a heavy heart that I write to you all.  Owning a tour bus company comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility.  We will never own any passenger vehicle with limo seating.  My wife and I have four daughters and couldn’t imagine losing all four of them plus family and friends.  That would leave us with 10 grandchildren with no parents.  How do I even begin to tell those young people why their mommies and daddy’s won’t be coming home tonight.  It’s painful for us from a distance.  I want everyone to send this to all their contacts.


We only use forward facing seating, all with seat belts.  Our vehicles have multiple emergency exits and windows to escape, or be rescued.  I have recently purchased new or nearly new vehicles.  They undergo extensive scrutiny and inspections both by us and the DOT.  They all get a 100 point inspection before each trip and when they return from each trip.  I have two mechanics that care for these vehicles.  They are stored inside out of the weather.  They are professionally cleaned after each trip.  My drivers and myself are tested by an individual hired to manage safety and drivers records.  That same person tests our driving skills several times a year.  Our drivers are told to tell our ridership we are not disc jockeys and we have Aux cords that reach over 10 feet so our clients can play their own music from their own seat.  We do not allow coolers in the isles or anywhere where they can obstruct exiting.  My drivers are professionals away from their Tour driving and have impeccable driving records.  You should look at some of the buses and stretch limousines that are being used, you would be amazed.  If you book a trip late, like only days or weeks from when you want your trip, most likely your going to get a vehicle that is used as a spare.

My prayers go out to all those family members and all people associated with those who perished.  Please know who you’re dealing with and what your vehicle is.  God bless you all and we will continue to provide the best maintained and safest rides in the industry.