Always nice to have a chance to share good stories.

Frank was so impressed by the group of young women he had the pleasure of touring with that he felt compelled to say so.  Here's his response as posted on Facebook and the feedback that followed.

"I am coming off one of the busiest weeks in the company's history but what a wonderful week.  I had the distinct pleasure to go touring in the Cayuga Wine Trails Herb & Wine Trail Festival yesterday.  My clients were 50 - yes that’s right, 50 - 21 + year old college Senior “GIRLS” from Syracuse University graduating in two weeks.  Now you think that on a last hurrah trip with all their besties, add alcohol and watch the great explosion!  Well I want you all to know that with all the negativity about colleges kids and improperly managed fraternity houses, these young adults were the best group of people I’ve ever been associated with.  Positively the most well behaved and Polite young women you could ever ask for.  I commend their parents for a job well done.  I’m blown away as to just how good they were.  50 of them and not a problem in the bunch.  Drinking all day not one problem.  Oh did I also say they are Sorority Sisters as well?  I’m writing a letter to the University to tell them just how incredibly good those ladies were.  As a father to 4 daughters I know how they can be in a group, 50 of them and not an ounce of trouble.  I’m blown away at that group.  There’s hope of the future with that group.  I wish them all the best"

"One of those girls was mine and she told me you were amazing! Thank you for giving them such a great day! They all had so much fun. I agree, they are all very special girls and we’re all very proud of them!"

And from Beth Pearlman Greenberg

And from Alena Tepper Margolis

"Thank you for taking the time to write this post. Those girls are truly special and they had a wonderful time on your tour. Thank you for taking good care of them!"